Regenerative Cells

What are these stem cells?

We offer regenerative Cells to help patients alleviate pain and heal much faster from surgical procedures.

Are these cells from aborted fetuses?

No . Those types of cells are never used for regenerative therapy. These are from heathy baby birth cords donated by loving mothers who have been fully vetted and screened.

Is there a guarantee as to how many cells?

These cells have been counted and are guaranteed to be within 5 percent above or below the stated cell count.

Do patients get both joint and IV cells?

Yes, many patients get both and depending on the severity of the injury, the outcome will vary. IV therapy will go throughout the body bringing down Inflammation and modulating the immune system, thus helping auto-immune issues.

I read that the different parts of our body have specific stem cells. Knee, shoulder, virus, etc. so a knee cell won’t help a virus.

The mesenchymal cells we use are from the Cord-blood. There are hematopoietic mesenchymal cells called MSCs. They go throughout the whole body. They will first see the heart, then lungs and liver and travel throughout the body.

What is the name of the lab where the cells come from?

Cord For Life -an FDA approved lab belonging to the national cord blood registry. CFL provides stem cells for organ transplants.

Could I have a reaction to the injection?

We rarely see reactions, unless there is a sulfa allergy. Some people have discomfort at injection site.
In many cases with an injection of any type, there is always the risk for bleeding, local soreness, some minor bruising, and possibly infection. But, in our experience, other than some localized soreness for a day or two, most people don’t experience any major issues with our therapies.

How many cells are in a cc?

Approximately 30 million

How many would I need?

Stem cell therapy dosage is based on body weight. Typically 1 million cells per kilo of body weight is recommended.