Introducing a fresh new approach to primary care and prevention.

Guyer Wellness Group delivers a fresh approach to primary care that finally makes sense. We specialize in providing patient-focused healthcare tailored to you so you can optimize your health and live well.

Our Approach to your CARE
The Live Longer team of Integrative Health experts takes your health and wellbeing seriously. We understand that you are more than a symptom, diagnosis, condition or disease. You are a dynamic human being comprised of many systems and functions all occurring and impacting one another simultaneously. This is why we are dedicated to treating the whole- YOU.

Our team of experienced integrative health providers brings collectively more than 25 years of experience with more than 50,000 successful patient

cases of delivering outstanding corrective care. Though our integrative system of care will fully assess and custom create a care plan that is unique to your healthcare goals and needs in achieving optimal results.

What to Expect as a Patient in Our Practice
When you begin care at Guyer Wellness Group, you will begin with a clinical exam and in-depth evaluation where specific labs and/ or diagnostic tests will be ordered to more fully understand the health and function of your body.

Our testing is the most comprehensive and advanced so we get a complete and clear picture of how your body is truly functioning. If and as any imbalances, deficiencies, breakdown or disease are detected, our team will review this with you and create a plan that fits your life and works to achieve your health goals.

Phases of Care:

Phase 1: Reduce & Remove the stress on the body. During this phase, we will determine what systems of your body and areas of your health have the greatest compromise. As assessed, we will support you with care that will reduce and eliminate the health burdens that had been keeping you in a state of dis-ease. Think of this like putting out the fires within your health.

Phase 2: Restore & Rebuild a healthy foundation of form and function in the body. Once the fire is out, we begin to rebuild your health, system by system so that you can sustain long-term health and well-being.

Phase 3: Revitalize & Optimize your body. This moves you beyond a place of surviving and into the land of truly thriving. It is not enough to just rebuild, but what about the special features? Think of this phase as the point in your health journey where we fine-tune YOU for long-term optimal results.

We welcome new patients and accept most insurance plans. We look forward to the opportunity to care for you soon. Request your new patient appointment today.