DHH-B (Dihydrohonokiol)
DHH-B is a natural anxiety medicine that is made from the bark of the magnolia tree. If you haven’t heard of magnolia bark, you’re not alone. It’s flown just under the radar of natural medicine trends, but it is has been a powerful traditional medicine for centuries. Its bioactive compounds have been shown to address conditions from inflammation to weight management, brain health, better sleep, stress reduction, and (most importantly for this discussion) anxiety. Magnolia bark, and the powerful extracts from it, have been shown to address anxiety in similar ways to benzodiazepines without the unwanted side effects. It works in several ways. First, Magnolia bark boosts GABA, which is a neurotransmitter that exerts a calming effect. Second, it activates cannabinoid receptors, which in turn helps to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and elevate mood, among many other benefits. Third, Magnolia bark is an adrenaline inhibitor. Bioactive compounds in magnolia bark can reduce adrenaline, a hormone strongly associated with stress, which stimulates vigilance and alertness. Other research indicates magnolia bark may suppress unhealthful levels of cortisol, another significant stress-related hormone. Fourth, it has high antioxidant properties that lower levels of inflammation and oxidative stress in the brain and throughout the body.