Peptides and Skin Care: How do they work?

Peptides and Skin Care How do they workIn today’s day and age, beauty and skincare products can be filled with ingredients that may sound foreign to the average consumer. It is easy to overlook the ingredients listed on the back of that moisturizer, especially when the product promises to revitalize your skin and make you look younger. But what is it about these products that put in the work to fulfill that promise? Let’s take a look.

What are peptides and how do they work?

Peptides are short chains of amino acids that make up protein in your skin. In skin care, they help to stimulate collagen production and reduce those fine lines and wrinkles that many of us want to eliminate, while allowing your skin to become stronger and more firm. While many peptides are similar, they don’t all provide the same benefits. Some provide relaxing effects on the facial muscles, while others stimulate growth, rejuvenation, and repair. Some common peptides and their effects include:

  • Pentapeptides- stimulate collagen production
  • Hexapeptides- help relax wrinkles and fine lines
  • Copper peptides- promote regeneration and healing

Talk to your provider about which peptides you should look to include in your skincare routine to meet your specific needs and the outcome you desire.

Are peptides for everyone?

Generally speaking, we could all benefit from the effects of peptides as they are most often well tolerated by their users and don’t tend to come with any adverse side effects. If you are currently using retinoids or other wrinkle-fighting ointments, you may consider switching to a peptide-based product instead.

While you should always talk with your provider about whether a product is right and safe for your specific condition, peptides are one of the safer collagen-producing ingredients in most skin care products. Many providers even approve the use of peptides during pregnancy, but you should always ask your OBGYN to ensure they are the right option for you.

Choosing a Peptide Product

When choosing a skincare product, it is always best to stick with brands that are backed by science and time. Products that have had studies conducted to prove their effectiveness are always a safer option, but they may have a more hefty price tag.

Serums tend to be the most effective products on the market as they have a higher concentration of peptides than thicker moisturizers.

Again, it is always important to speak with your provider about which products are best suited for your skincare needs and goals.

Here at Guyer Wellness Group, we are always researching new products so that we can give an unbiased professional opinion. We are proud to help you reach your skincare goals, and would love to speak more with you about which peptide product might be best to add to your skincare routine. Contact us today at (321) 327-2980 or click here to make an appointment.

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