Our Indialantic Providers
Lisa Guyer, Board Certified Health Coach, and CEO of Guyer Wellness Group Center has studied nutrition through a dietetics program at IU and Purdue as well as attending multiple post graduate programs over the last 15 years to further her education in the field of healthy eating. She has co-authored a cookbook, The Gift of Health along with a video. Lisa has been the Co-Founder and the Director for the Guyer Institute for 20 years where she assisted patients from all over the world looking for root causes of illness and analysis to encourage successful healthy living.

Additional Credentials Include:

  • 20 + years in integrative and anti aging medicine
  • Participation in the care of over 200,000 patients
  • Extensive training through A4M
  • Certified in Peptide therapies
  • 20+ years in IV therapies and injections
  • Author and Presenter

Lisa has over 20 years of experience in the field of nutrition and diet along with completing her certification through IIN as a Health Coach and now a Board Certified Health Coach. Her most important mission is to raise six children and help others learn about the healthy foods and how to live vibrantly in this world and experience vibrancy and successful living. She looks forward to aiding you on your path to total body health and vitality!

Our Indialantic Providers
Matthew Tinney, DO, FAARFM, ABAARM has now joined Guyer Wellness Group because of the synergies we have in our approach to medicine. He moved to Florida in 2019 after leaving his private practice in Tennessee. He has experience working with Advent Health Central Care in Melbourne Florida. Dr. Tinney received his degree as a Doctor of Osteopathy in 1989 from Southeastern University.

As a physician, partner, and parent, he has found his passion in creating wellness and removing illness. He is highly trained in Regenerative medicine to enhance the length of quality and longevity of life. Dr. Tinney is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. He approaches illness by looking at the “root” of an illness rather than treating just symptoms. Some of the therapies of expertise are bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, structural adjustments, injuries, thyroid, nutrition, epigenetics, and chronic fatigue. Dr. Tinney works to maximize your biochemistry to improve longevity and support patients on their path to vibrant health.