Live Longer Ketogenic Diet & hCG ( human chorionic gonadotropin)

What is the Live Longer hCG Diet?
The Live Longer hCG diet offered in our local Melbourne Florida offices supports you with the most clinically proven weight loss system based off of Dr. Simeons original clinical work called pounds and inches. You will utilize daily dosing of hCG- a naturally occurring hormone that signals a center in your brain to increase fat metabolism of stored fat along with key detox and weight loss aiding supplements and your choice of a natural or medically prescribed appetite suppressant for optimal weight loss results.

Clinical research shows that when these aids are used in combination with a nutritionally dense, low calorie diet, optimal safe weight loss will occur. Together, this clinical protocol will mobilize and burn your body’s stored fat while helping to reset your metabolic rate to aid in long term weight loss results.

You can expect to lose both pounds and inches over the course of your program.

How Does it work?
The HCG diet involves a daily dose of hCG combined with a very low calorie diet in order to reset one’s metabolism and aid in long term weight loss. In order to understand how the diet works, it is important to understand that fat is not just fat- there are actually three different kinds of fat in the human body.

  • Structural fat surrounds our vital organs, keeps our skin smooth and taut, and gives us the cushion on the bottoms of our feet. Extra of this type of fat in our body does NOT cause obesity. This type of fat is necessary for our survival.
  • Normal fat is the fuel that the body draws from when needed. It is found all over our body and is not responsible for obesity.
  • Abnormal fat is the type of fat that accumulates and is deposited all over the body and accumulates in the areas that we typically don’t exactly like (hips, buttocks, stomach, arms, etc).

When calories are severely restricted (without HCG), the body first burns normal fat, then structural fat, and only then is the abnormal fat burned. Usually by that time, a dieter feels awful and has abandoned any type of diet all together, leading to a vicious cycle.

What is hCG?
HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin is a water based hormone that is produced by a woman’s body during pregnancy. During this time, a woman is able to tap into the abnormal fat reserves for fuel while protecting their structural fat. This is part of a defense a mother’s body has to protect the vital organs of herself and her baby while pregnant.

HCG is used in extremely low doses for weight loss. During pregnancy a woman produces as much as one million international units of HCG per day. The HCG diet is a low dose safe range of 250 international units per day. HCG is also used at much higher doses when used for fertility purposes. While HCG at weight loss doses does not directly increase fertility, weight loss has been proven to increase fertility. While on HCG, it can cause a false positive pregnancy test in urine only.

We offer a few variations on the length of time you remain on the diet based on a medical evaluation and the amount of weight you have to lose. To ensure the safest option is selected, everyone must be evaluated by our medical provider before starting the diet.

What Should I Expect When I Come to Live Longer for the hCG diet?
When you come into our offices for weight loss support under the hCG diet plan, you will begin with a one on one consult with our clinical wellness advisor. They will sit with you and perform a thorough assessment to determine if hCG is right for you.

If it is, you will be booked with our clinical team for a medical examination and comprehensive blood work will be ordered to assess your whole body health as it relates to your metabolic function that impacts your ability to successfully lose weight. Once your results are in, our team of experts will meet with you and review your findings in depth.

What Does Your hCG Program Include?
Our program is comprehensive and customized to your key weight loss needs.

At the heart of our 30 day program, you will receive: a 4 week supply of sublingual hCG, 4 week nutritional and detox supplies to aid in effective weight loss and fat burning, weekly weigh ins and lipo b sorb for enhanced fat burning, appetite suppression and energy.

Understanding that each person is different, you will go through our 5 step clinical process to build the solution that fits you.

  • Clinical Exam: Based on your in depth clinical exam with the doctor, age, weight, comprehensive metabolic blood profiles, medical history, lifestyle and environmental history plus 20 biomarkers, and your personal health goals, we will identify what is taking your body out of balance and preventing you from losing weight so you can correct the problem and optimize your health and life.
  • Test not Guess: Weight loss can be impacted by many factors, this is why when it comes to giving you a real and lasting solution we test vs guess with your health. This is our promise that you can be guaranteed that we will measure your metabolic markers that impact optimal weight loss. The results will tell us exactly how to create your unique prescription plan.
  • Personalized Prescription Plan: Your exam, lab work and history will lay the groundwork for determining your goals and the right hcg plan for you. You will then receive your 30 day program.
  • Detox: Did you know that food and environmental toxins impact your liver and hormones which can impair your body’s ability to lose weight? By detoxing at the same time you are taking the hCG, your body will be safely supported to break down fats and toxins to safely remove them from your body, improving your weight loss results.
  • Empowerment: Did you know that STRESS ( Physical, Mental, Emotional, Chemical & Environmental) causes weight gain, hormone imbalance, belly fat, mood imbalance, sleep dysregulation, cravings and more? Find out what is stressing you and what you can do about it so you can naturally optimize your hormones. Live Longer offers empowerment lifestyle coaching to our clients that need a bit of extra support to overcome stress for optimized hormonal health.

How Do I Get Started?

Call us to request your appointment today. If we can help you achieve your weight loss and health goals, we will then move you into your exam and blood work process. After your results are back, you will meet with the clinical advisor to review your findings and discuss your customized solution. If you are ready to feel your best, call us and schedule your consult today.