Wondering if it’s Your Thyroid? Do you feel like you have Thyroid Symptoms but your labs are normal? We hear this almost everyday from our patients. Our team can help you optimize your thyroid and health.

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They have ALL the typical thyroid symptoms but labs are not showing it. This is because many times only TSH is run or TSH and T4. We look at TSH, Total and Free T4, Total and Free T3, Reverse T3, thyroid antibodies, plus IgF-1 and pituitary function. This allows us to take a comprehensive assessment of your thyroid and hormone health.

If you are struggling with symptoms like weight gain despite diet or exercise, sleep problems, hot flashes, depression, cold hands and feet, thinning or losing hair, brain fog, dry skin, infertility, and constipation know that more is going on beneath the surface.

Did you know that the thyroid is not a one size fits all?

There are up to 8 different patterns for thyroid problems that are overlooked and not properly cared for in traditional endocrinology and lab testing. This means that if you have gone to your doctor, been told your labs are normal and you are fine but you know that you are NOT fine, chances are you have a unique thyroid pattern that is not being addressed. are being treated like everyone else BUT you may have a pattern that is very different and requires a more comprehensive approach to corrective care.

Here at Guyer Wellness Group, as your primary care provider, we take more than just traditional TSH labs. We look at a variety of factors that play a role in your thyroid’s health and function. Where others only look at one or two lab values, we assess you for proper hormone conversion at the site of the cell and organs, nutritional co factors essential to thyroid health and the interconnected role between your thyroid to your heart, adrenal glands, brain, hormones, immune, and gastrointestinal systems. All of those factors must be evaluated when determining if there is a thyroid condition.

Common Symptoms of Thyroid Disease:

  • Abnormal TSH or other thyroid markers
  • Fatigue that is not alleviated by rest
  • Constipation and other digestive issues
  • Dry skin and hair
  • Thinning outer eyebrow
  • Sleep related issues
  • Nails that chip easily
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Joint aches and pains
  • Cravings for sugary foods
  • High cholesterol
  • Feeling cold all the time
  • Hair falling out
  • Unexplained weight gain
  • Muscle aches and pains
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Altered menstrual cycle
  • Dry, cracked heels
  • Inability to cope with stress
  • and many more…

If you are struggling with 3 or more of these symptoms, request your appointment today to get the comprehensive care you need.

What are the Causes of Hypothyroid and Hyperthyroid? Many people in the Melbourne FL area come into our office and tell us they have all the symptoms of a thyroid problem and they want to know WHY? There are many factors that can directly impact your thyroid health.

Here are just a few of the reasons why your thyroid may not be functioning well?

  • An underlying adrenal imbalance
  • Autoimmunity against the thyroid gland
  • Unhealthy food choices causing vitamin and mineral deficiencies affecting the thyroid gland.
  • Free levels of thyroid levels have not been checked.
  • Hormone imbalance.
  • Blood Sugar Dysregulation/ Pre Diabetes/ Diabetes
  • Inflammation at the cellular or system level.
  • Leaky Gut
  • Gluten or other Food Intolerance

Is it Hypothyroid- Hyperthyroid or Hashimoto’s?

What are Hypothyroid Symptoms? Fatigue, weakness, dry hair, weight gain or inability to lose weight, cold intolerance, muscle cramps, constipation, floating stools, candida symptoms, malabsorption symptoms, depression, irritability, memory loss, lack of focus, loss of appetite, hot flashes, decreased libido, PMS or irregular cycles, peaches & cream complexion, deep voice, goiter, facial swelling, puffy eyes, dry brittle hair, dry skin, muscle weakness, poor endurance, carpal tunnel, hypertension.

What are Hyperthyroid Symptoms: Anxiety, irritability, excessive appetite, insomnia, bulging eyes, fast heartbeat, sweating easily, swollen fingers, clubbing of fingernails, purple lesions on shins, goiter, muscle wasting, muscle weakness, hand tremors, feeling warm or hot all the time, sweaty palms, oily skin, heat intolerance, weight loss, irregular menstrual flow, irritable bowel symptoms, diarrhea, vomiting, excessive bowel frequency, cardiac palpitations, tachycardia, hypertension/hypo-tension, breathlessness

What is Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis? It is an autoimmune condition where the immune system attacks and destroys the thyroid gland. Hashimoto’s stops the gland from making enough thyroid hormones for the body to work the way it should. This causes problems with metabolism, energy and more. How can we help? Easy! We teach you how to call off the attack!

While these are the top 3 most common thyroid findings, there are many other patterns that produce thyroid symptoms. Guyer Wellness Group is your thyroid expert, located in the Melbourne beach area. People travel from all over the Melbourne area and surrounding states to be seen at our clinic.

Why Guyer Wellness Group is different…

At our office we address your thyroid health with a comprehensive and personalized approach. We provide you with a plan, a partnership and a promise that will get to the root cause of your thyroid problem.

Our approach will thoroughly evaluate the biochemical and lifestyle factors that are connected to proper thyroid hormone metabolism. We provide functional testing for our patients to determine the underlying cause of the problem instead of just focusing on symptoms.

By listening to your story and running the right testing we are able to offer you a very unique opportunity to get better. Our goal is to work with you to develop an easy to follow, life-long, strategy that can reduce your dependence on medication and help you thrive..

At Guyer Wellness Group, You Can Expect an Integrative Approach that WORKS

Our goal is to provide a solution, not a band-aid. We’ll dig deep to find the root cause of your thyroid condition. Then we’ll help you to improve your health and regain your life as fully as possible while reducing your dependency on medications.

There is Hope!

If you are done having your symptoms negatively impact your relationships, your career and your life, there is hope. You see, there is a reason you are feeling the way you do. Something IS causing your exhaustion, sleep issues, digestive problems, aches and pains. We understand that it’s not your fault. You are doing what you’ve been told to do and yet even for all of the best recommendations, you are still suffering with unresolved thyroid problems.

The truth is, the CAUSE of your problem has not yet been found because other providers have not looked at the whole of YOU. The root cause hasn’t been searched for, so it hasn’t been found. Come experience the difference with our integrative, personalized and corrective approach to optimizing thyroid health and your wellbeing.

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