What is Functional Medicine?
Functional Medicine takes a patient- centered approach to optimizing health and wellbeing through the science of treating the whole system vs symptoms. Here at Guyer Wellness Group, we complement traditional medicine with functional medicine so that we can take a comprehensive approach to detecting and correcting the underlying problems and imbalances in your health and body that can be contributing to symptoms, sickness and disease.

Dr. Rosman is a 25 year Functional Medicine expert, he and our medical team will spend time with our patients, listening to their histories, mapping their personal timeline and looking at the interactions among genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors that can influence long-term health and complex chronic diseases. Our team wants to understand YOU, your history and challenges so that together we can understand your true wellness needs and create the plan to get you the results that you deserve.

What do Functional Medicine providers treat?
Our Guyer Wellness Group team are trained in functional and nutritional medicine. We address and treat a whole range of conditions, such as: autoimmune diseases, arthritis, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, fatigue, excess weight and slow metabolism, migraines and headaches, digestive disease, anxiety, depression, dementia, and hormonal disorders. We also focus on heavy metal toxicity, environmental pollutants, mold exposure and food/environmental allergies. If you have any chronic symptoms or disease – we can help you.

Symptoms are Signals
Just like the red warning light in your car that flashes when there is a problem with your engine, a physical symptom is a signal telling you that an underlying health problem needs to be corrected. Treating a symptom without uncovering the real cause is like placing a piece of black tape over the blinking red warning light. The consequences of this action are obvious and more costly than necessary. Unfortunately our bodies can’t be overhauled and chronic neglect of these symptoms could eventually lead to a serious illness.

Our team is here to help you do more than just treat and manage symptoms. We are here to help uncover the imbalances in the systems of your body that are producing symptoms, breakdown, sickness or disease.

Why is Nutrition Important in Functional Medicine?
Functional medicine is a food first approach to medicine, meaning that food and nutrition play a central role in creating health. The nutritionist reviews the nutrition timeline with the patient to develop an understanding of previous nutrition plans, a person’s’ relationship with food, and nutrient deficiencies. The patient works with the nutritionist to develop a personalized eating plan that addresses nutrient deficiencies, supports a healthy microbiome, reduces inflammation, promotes a healthy body weight and identifies food sensitivities/intolerances and allergies.