There is testing for early detection of cancer and other diseases, and now at Optimal Wellness Center we have testing for EARLY DETECTION of Cardiovascular Disease.

The Problem

In most instances plaques are present in the carotid artery because Cardiovascular disease is a systemic disorder (throughout the entire circulatory system). In order to be evaluated by a Cardiologist you must have had an event – such as a heart attack or a stroke. Without major symptoms, a Cardiologist cannot order these tests preventively to rule out cardiovascular disease. Also, even if someone had an event and then had a stent, that does not stabilize other plaques that are present.

The Solution

Our state-of-the-art Cardiovascular Wellness Evaluation uses advanced technology that will reveal your risk of heart disease and MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE! This simple but effective solution to preventative care for the carotid gives Guyer Wellness Group the global perspective and tools needed to measure patients Cardiovascular anomalies. These tests take into account ultimate risk factors including atherosclerosis, plaque, and hardening of the arteries. Once the problem is identified, we can manage the patient in a professional and appropriate manner with the finest information available.

People aged 45–65 have a 1 in 7 likelihood of death in the U.S. These deaths are due primarily to heart disease, stroke and cancer. Advanced screenings, such as the comprehensive cardiovascular testing performed by Guyer Wellness Group, coupled with lifestyle changes, decreases the likelihood of death to 1 in 50. By adding screenings for cancer (e.g., colonoscopy and mammogram), genetic markers, and lifestyle changes to our testing, the odds of death decrease to 1 in 100.

Studies have shown that hundreds of thousands of lives are saved due to these PREVENTATIVE tests and the discovery of medical conditions leading to heart attack, stroke, and a variety of cancers. Subsequently, there is a dramatic reduction in the risk of death when patients have such preventative tests and imaging.