Ready to Turn Back the Hands of Time and Look and Feel Your Best from the Outside In and the Inside Out? Guyer Wellness Group’s Anti-Aging Services Can Help.

Integrative medicine is maximizing your health through the use of early detection, prevention, and reversal of age-related decline. At Guyer Wellness Group, we use this approach to your medical care so you can maximize your health and vitality. Anti-Aging stops treating your symptoms and starts to understand why every component impacting your health including hormone levels and nutrition needs to be in balance!

Anti-AgingHormone Optimization – Using human identical hormones (estradiol, testosterone, progesterone, thyroid, and DHEA) to relieve the complex and sometimes debilitating symptoms of hormone deficiencies suffered by both men and women as we age. Programs are based on sound science and tailored to each patient based on medical history, family history, lab results, symptoms experienced, and information from the initial consultation.

Nonsurgical Facial Aesthetics – Reduce fine lines, wrinkles and loss of volume as you age so you can look and feel your best. We use a variety of nonsurgical facial aesthetic products and services to give you the results you want. Neurotoxin (Botox), HA fillers (Belotero, Juvederm ), Sculptra, and ablative laser services will offer aesthetic rejuvenation. These services are offered at discounts to our concierge membership patients, request more information to find out if this program is right for you.

Food Sensitivity and Functional Gut Assessments – blood testing for possible undiagnosed causes of bacterial imbalance in the gut or gut inflammation caused by food intolerance. This may lead to worsening of migraines, chronic dyspepsia, IBS type symptoms, SBO, chronic candidiasis and other chronic medical complaints that are not improved by traditional medical therapies.

Nutritional Detoxification – Clinical detoxification programs are centered around the liver and GI to aid in optimal weight loss and hormonal function. When the liver is overburdened from the more than 84,000 chemicals it is exposed to in our environment, food, stress, and medications, it can decrease the body’s ability to break down and safely remove fat from the body leaving you with symptoms of fatigue, mood swings, headaches, aches, pain and difficulty losing weight.

By using safe and effective nutraceuticals that support phase 1 and phase 2 liver detoxification paired with the removal of inflammatory food and toxin elimination, the body is able to quickly reset itself to convert hormones, break down and remove fats so you can lose more weight, increase your energy and start to feeling like your best self.

Clinical Grade Supplementation – Clinical nutritional supplementation is a key factor in giving your body the essential tools it needs to repair, restore, rebuild and optimize your overall health and function throughout the systems of your body. As we age and experience a variety of stressors, the demands placed on the body deplete our natural resources. Clinical testing will be done to determine IF you need supplementation and what specific clinical dosing is appropriate for you to give your body back what it needs to optimize your health and wellbeing so you can look and feel your best.

Adrenal, Thyroid & Hormonal Testing – Chronic physical, mental, emotional, chemical and or environmental stress takes its toll on the human body and is the key underlying component to many health disorders especially when it comes to hormonal and metabolic health. We use a comprehensive saliva testing panel and blood work to look at hormonal status, adrenal function and neurotransmitter balance. This panel is important for both men and women, providing baseline and monitoring information for patients of all ages. It is especially useful for individuals who are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Mood disorders, depression, anxiety
  • Addiction, dependency
  • Fatigue, lack of stamina, insomnia
  • Chronic illness, immune deficiency
  • Cognitive confusion, learning challenges, declining memory
  • Weight issues, appetite control
  • Low libido, sexual dysfunction
  • PMS, menopause, andropause
  • Fibromyalgia, chronic pain

Anti-AgingNutritional Deficiency Testing – Vitamins are essential to human life. Depleted levels of nutrients can lead to slower healing time, decreased metabolic rate, difficulty losing weight, hormonal imbalance and the risk of serious life-threatening conditions and disease. Due to today’s standard American diet of highly processed foods, lack of rotating our crops and the heavy use of pesticides and chemicals on our foods the result is depleted soils void of nutrients. As a result, food companies “fortify” foods with nutrients that are often not bioavailable or in the natural form so our body can actually absorb and utilize them for life-sustaining activities. When your body is deficient, your health will begin to be compromised, your energy will drop and no matter how much you exercise, you will not lose weight but most importantly, your ability to thrive will be impaired.
Vitamin and nutrition blood tests can detect mineral, iron, calcium and other deficiencies, telling you which vitamins you lack so we can support you with a targeted roadmap out of deficiency and back to energized health and wellbeing.

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